2019 Winter Field Day Team

Winter Field Day 2019 was a qualified success. While we had a small group and didn’t get the visitors we had hoped for, we all had a great time and made some contacts.

All total, the club made 12 contacts over two days. There were an additional 4 which we could hear, but were unable to get a two way contact established.

Jordan Liebe and Club V.P. Dennis McKenry (KI7CUS)

Our newest member, Jordan Liebe, made his first contact during Winter Field Day. Jordan hasn’t yet received his call sign due to the government shut down, but has passed his test and paid his club dues and we are extremely happy to have him as the latest member of the club. We look forward to his input and hope we can collectively be as much help to him as he is to us.

We set up an HF multi band antenna provided by Don (AA7DD) and a 2m/70cm. An HF rig was provided by Whitley (KD7VX) and we were up and going. We may not have made as many contacts as we would have liked, but there was good conversation among members and good food from the hospital. We were nice and warm and a good time was had by all.

Winter Field Day 2019: Success!

Will Studer

Self employed IT Consultant. 25 years in IT and about 6 of that was also spent in public safety.

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