I hope, and I am pretty sure I do, speak for all of our members with this article.

Our officers put in a lot of time to this club which takes away from their own lives. We currently have a president who has spent his own money to improve our club and get us our non-profit status. He has a full time job and a family and still makes the time to do everything he can to further the progress of this club. He, as well as from what I gather, the rest of our officers didn’t really want the job, but they took it in order to keep this ship sailing.

Our Vice President is VERY active with ARES and obviously has many other things he could be doing with his time, but he cares about this club and it’s members and always steps up when needed to make sure we are all informed and the club keeps on going.

Our Secretary is also a ridiculously busy man who has a very important job which demands much of his time. Even with this, he finds the time to make sure our filings are completed and our club stays legal with the state.

We also have board members as well as former officers like Don who continue to guide our club the right way even without any former title.

My point is that these folks do this, with no compensation, no glory, and really no reward what-so-ever. I thought it was a good time to take a moment and just say thank you to them all. They have done a lot, and continue to lead us into tomorrow. So, it’s worth giving them a little pat on the back and a thank you when you run into them.

For those who are unsure, Our President is Jeff Sak, our VP is Dennis McKenry, and our Secretary is Rob Rizk. Also, our Board Members are: Whitley Smith, Mike Berry, and Emery Heintz.

Thank You to Our Officers

Will Studer

Self employed IT Consultant. 25 years in IT and about 6 of that was also spent in public safety.