September 9, 2019 meeting called to order by Jeff at 19:03.

August meeting minutes distributed.  A motion made to approve the minutes as read by Don and second by Emery.  Motion approved. 

Treasurer’s Report

Rob provided a verbal update.  Checking account in good standing balance $2,105.83.  

Old Business

Rob provided an update on the liability insurance.

New Business

Dennis provided an update on the Marathon.  According to Dave Hughes, there will not be any event planned for 2019.

At the Net, Bill discussed a desire to link to the UHF repeater on Sillusi Butte his wires X-node.  Bill is still looking for a home for his repeater. Emery has questions: Are there any controls on time that is active?  Yes there are controls. Jeff Sak also mentioned the repeater is a Yaesu that is also configured for time-out (3 minutes).    Does the repeater stay in AMF mode? The repeater is digital mode only.

Bill made a motion to link his repeater to the 450 machine.  Seconded by Emery. Approved, motion carried.

Don brought up the news that the 490 the transmitter has died.  Don has a unitized machine that he will use to replace the system.

Emery would like to have the auto mode taken off the 02.   After much discussion regarding the use of the 02 machine and the fact that 450 can be used for digital, the conclusion is keeping the 02 analog-only.  Emery made a motion, Bill seconded. Motion approved with a visual majority observed by Jeff. Question asked now who will go up and make the adjustment.  It was noted that Whitley will be back tomorrow.

Jeff updated the group that his Yaesu was acting up and took reprogramming to fix.  He will be getting a new radio.


AI7HO Ham license exam September 14th at 6pm Good Shepherd conference rooms 3&4.

September 15th tail gate party in College Place.

Ham fest in Spokane September 28th   

Mike asked if there was an update on if our club was able to get an Amazon Smile account.  Jeff has not had time to look into it although will check into it.

Jeff adjourned the meeting at 19:50.

Respectfully submitted by Rob Rizk, KD8FAI

September 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

Jeff Kelso

Technology Director at Hermiston School District