May 13, 2019 meeting called to order by Jeff at 19:01.

April meeting minutes are available on the club web site.  A motion made to approve the minutes by Whitley and second by Don.   Motion approved. 

Treasurer’s Report

Rob provided a verbal update.  Checking account in good standing balance $1,768.11.  

Old Business

Yakima ham fest was not impressive according to a member in attendance.  There was low attendance and not great quality goods for sale.

Field Day location: 

  1. Robin’s property – Disqualified as a location after a majority vote
  2. Don brought up an optional location is the ORV Park.  Great public exposure. Don believes we will be provided space for free since we are providing volunteer services for them. 
  3. Emery wants to go to Drift Fence and plans to regardless.
  4. Jim suggested Marina Park in Boardman.  Advantages are no charge, public exposure, and public restrooms.

Do any locations require incurring costs?

Boardman Marina does have some power available.

Multiple concerns voiced about being locked into Robin’s property as a negative.

Drift Fence concerns are limited number of trailer camping spots.  Pluses are it’s free and provides open camping.

Whitley suggested inquiring to the Marina Park if there’s room for at least 6 trailers.  Check into the net on Monday the 20th for a final decision.

Don updated the club regarding simplex testing.  Successful communication made from Love’s truck stop all the way to Arlington.  SO in Heppner also contacted.

New Business

Equipment for sale:  Jeff has an amplifier he picked up that he’s ready to sell.  There are a couple of old Collins radios for sale and a tower antenna by Aaron Hein.  Contact Jeff Saks.

Kevin updated the club on Wagon Train radios.  Using the 78 repeater and looking for radio monitor volunteers.  Wagon Train Thursday June 22nd.  Looking for volunteers for June 24th through the 29th.  5312 Line and the 208 will be dedicated to the wagon train. 

Emery has a tripod that he picked up that was being tossed.  Come check it out if you want it.

Bill asked if anyone heard bleed over on the .16.  Whitley suggested if heard again key up and listen for the repeater ID.  If so, it’s not the repeater.

Will gave a big thanks to those that helped him move.  This Saturday at 676 E. Oregon he’s hosting a bar-b-que thanks for helping me move.  Start time to be around 13:00.  

A repeater will be on 145.19 going up to be a part of WiresX.  It will be a coordinated site.

Online training class for SkyWarn from  6pm – 8pm May 17th.  Preregister on the Pendleton weather site.

Testing session scheduled for June 8th.

Future events 4th of July Boardman,  end of July Watermelon festival, and the Umatilla Fair parade.

Saturday is club breakfast.

Jeff adjourned the meeting at 20:10

Respectfully submitted by Rob Rizk, KD8FAI

May 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

Jeff Kelso

Technology Director at Hermiston School District