March 11, 2019 meeting called to order by Dennis at 19:00

February meeting minutes available on the club web site.  A motion made to approve the minutes by Will and second by Don.   Motion approved.

Introductions:  Welcome visitors Ian – new tech, Jordon – new general

Treasures Report

Rob provided a verbal update.  Checking account in good standing balance $1,303.11.

Old Business

Election for position 2 Board of directors is due during the March meeting.  Candidates are Don and Emery.

After show of hands vote, Don elected by majority votes.

Next meeting all positions, their expiration dates, and current chair person will be presented.

During the February meeting filing for taxes is due before June.  Rob was mailed the requirement notice and will take care of filing before the deadline.

Discussion regarding public relations and proper information to be released by club members.  Any action to appoint a club PR position will be tabled until a later time.

Terry identified a group of PIO’s that meet on a regular basis to discuss coordination and dissemination of information.  Terry to get more information and bring it back to the next meeting. Dennis suggested that Don represent the club at these meetings.

Tone on 443 – Will made a motion to put a tone (103.5) on the output, Emery seconded the motion.  Motion approved. This work will be done once the road dries out.

Club Comm truck update:  Need to repair the fiber glass roof leaks.  Need to check all accessory and antenna mount points.

An idea was suggested to have a PayPal button on the web site for associate memberships or donations.  Will makes a motion to setup a PayPal account and investigate other sources like PayPal. Whitley seconded the motion. Motion approved.

New Business

Announcement made regarding Doug Paine’s celebration of life at the Hermiston High School commons March 23rd.  Will to post the event information on the web site.  

Field Day was discussed with locations reviewed looking a pros and cons of getting the public involved.  Robin has offered his place as a location to setup this year. More information next meeting.

Jeff Kelso suggested events to improve public awareness such as Boy Scout at their Jamboree.  

March 24th Will is planning to coordinate an event at Butte Park to promote digital.  Anyone can come and setup. Will to put more information out on the web site.

Dennis adjourned the meeting at 20:05

Respectfully submitted by Rob Rizk KD8FAI

March 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes