March 11, 2019

Agape House, Hermiston, Oregon

Call to Order

A reminder to all that there will be discussions on topics as we go as well as a time for open discussion and comments, please stay on task and don’t stray too much as everyone’s time is valuable and there is always plenty to cover.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes are available in the newsletter and online via the website for review before the meeting.

If there are no corrections, the president can assume the motion to approve and ask for unanimous consent.

Executive Report

Any report from the President or Vice President on matters which they are handling.

Treasurer’s Report

Report on financials, dues paid, bills paid, account balances, amounts owed, approval for payments, etc.

Treasurer’s report does not need to be approved [Robert’s Rules of Order (10th edition, page 459)]. However, per bylaws for any payments to be made, proper procedure must be taken for the body to approve them.

Introductions (if there are visitors)

Old Business

Election for Position 2 on the Board of Directors

Position is currently held by Emery Heintz

Will (N7WSY) Nominated Don (AA7DD), it was Seconded by Andy (W7ATJ)

Whitley (KD7VX) Nominated Emery (KE7YX), it was Seconded by Jeff (W7JJK)

Financial Discussion


There was no action or discussion on the Public Relations Officer proposal.

Club Membership Cards

Completed, to be handed out

2019 Club Activities

Probably could start talking about field day and picnic

Public Comment

Member Comment or Discussion

New Business

Tone on 443

There has been a lot of “bleed” over and other issues receiving the 443 repeater. Some of it could be solved with an output tone being placed on the repeater.

COMM Truck

Discussion about repairs and when, how, and financial


We are in need of funding for the truck and a good way would be to request donations on the website, it might also help pull in associate memberships if people can pay for them online.


March 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting Agenda