June 10, 2019 meeting called to order by Jeff at 19:03

May meeting minutes distributed.  A motion made to approve the minutes by Kevin and second by Emery.   Motion approved. 

Treasurer’s Report

Rob provided a verbal update.  Checking account in good standing balance $1,868.11.  

Old Business

Kevin updated the club on the wagon train plans and will communicate the details with those volunteers via email.

No bleed over on the .16 has been heard since last meeting as reported.  Bill has heard some bleed over on the 450 on analog. Not hearing the radio ID so it’s not the radio.  The expectation is that with a tone added this will go away.

The 145 repeater going into WiresX caused a transmit lock.  KE7PUP shutdown the repeater and for now it’s blacklisted. Bill setup a repeater that will be a WiresX node on 444.850 with a positive offset and PL 118.8 it will be AMS Digital.

Don said he’s hearing noise on the 02 frequency not coming through on the repeater.

Field Day location:  selected and will be the Boardman Marina.

New Business

Umatilla parade communication – Discussions regarding using a repeater.  Suggestions were to use the club truck with Bill’s repeater that is deployed at Will’s house.  Repeater has not been coordinated.  

Don noted that Washington State has dedicated a week to Ham Radio.  It will be the week after June Field Day.

Rob updated the club on the communication received from AgriNorthwest indicating that the club lease requires us to have a liability Insurance.  Suggestions made to contact the ARRL to see if there is an opportunity to get a reduced rate. Rob will update the club next meeting with options and costs.

Jim brought several items and including manuals that are for sale.

Don has pictures of the National Guard truck that Dennis wanted to post the pictures on the website.

Next test session will be July 13th (2nd Saturday).  Rob to look into reserving a Hospital conference room.

Club breakfast this Saturday.

Jeff adjourned the meeting at 19:50.

Respectfully submitted by Rob Rizk, KD8FAI

June 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

Jeff Kelso

Technology Director at Hermiston School District