July 8, 2019 meeting called to order by Dennis (President Jeff not present) at 19:05.

Visitor Introduced:  Mike  

June meeting minutes distributed.  A motion was made to approve the minutes by Jim and seconded by Bill.  Motion approved. 

Treasurer’s Report

Rob provided a verbal update.  Checking account in good standing balance $1,868.11.  

Old Business

Rob provided an update on the liability insurance.

New Business

Jim read a letter to the club.  Thanks from the Pendleton Roundup Wagon Train for the 5 volunteers who provided open radio coverage and weather reports during the event.  The club also received a thank you letter from Kevin.

Boardman parade coverage was provided by the club.  Six members showed up which Don felt was the correct number for the coverage required.  To date this was the largest parade Boardman has had.

Irrigon water melon festival parade is the 27th of July.  Coverage and participation to be determined as the date gets closer.

The Umatilla parade is August 3rd.  Whitley needs to provide a status as to whether the club will be participating.

Bill’s repeater is now in digital mode.

Club breakfast will be July 20th.

Dennis adjourned the meeting at 19:33.

Respectfully submitted by Rob Rizk, KD8FAI

July 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

Jeff Kelso

Technology Director at Hermiston School District