This article is in no way an endorsement, but just information for HAMs who aren’t aware it is available.

ARRL, our national organization has partnered with Risk Strategies Company to offer equipment insurance specifically for amateur radio operators.

Our hobby has special risks associated with our equipment and as such it is difficult to get coverage through homeowners insurance which covers our equipment. When you can get it, it not only increases a premium substantially, but also large homeowners deductibles usually apply.

ARRL coverage, specifically covers the items you request to be covered.

ARRL Insurance Program Coverage Highlights

  • Property Covered: Ham radios and related equipment including computers!
  • Deductible: Only a $50.00 deductible applies!
  • Competitive Rates: Minimum premium of only $20.00!
  • Computer Equipment: Computers, hard drives, printers.
  • Theft from an Unattended Vehicle: Included with your premium.
  • Coverage for towers & antennas included up to $15,000.00 replacement cost!
  • A great rate of $1.40 per $100 of equipment covered!

Click HERE for an online application. This link redirects to the ARRL site.

Insurance for your Equipment

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