February 18, 2019

Agape House, Hermiston, Oregon

President Sak (KJ7MI) called the regular monthly meeting to order at 19:07 at the Agape House in Hermiston, Oregon. Those in attendance constituting a quorum were:

Present: Don Drayton (AA7DD), Will Studer (N7WSY), Andy Jones (W7ATJ), Mike Gemelke (N7NKT), Bill Quick (KI7PRU), Emery Heintz (KE7YX), Whitley Smith (KD7VX), Jeff Kelso (W7JJK), Jeff Sak (KJ7MI), Dennis McKenry (KI7CUS)

Absent:Rob Rizk (KD8FAI), Kimbell Daniels (W7CME), Ken Berry (KF7WQ), Kevin Hedgepeth (NB7O), Jordan Liebe (KJ7DAU), Dennis Wall (KD7KSW), Alan Polan (KE4TRR), Jeff Boesch (KI7IYX)

Guest(s): Casey J. Winters

Secretary Rizk was unable to be in attendance and therefore January minutes will be approved at the March meeting.

Old Business

Repeater Linking

After a brief discussion, Whitley (KD7VX) reported that repeater linking for the 440 and the 0-2 repeaters will be the first to occur and then a link with the 1-6 once it is moved. Linking will be done for announcements and nets, but not on a permanent basis. There is no timeline at this point on when this project will begin or be completed.

GMRS Repeater

Will (N7WSY) is monitoring the repeater frequencies for the least used pair, to be used. The previous pair gets a lot of interference. Will (N7WSY) and Whitley (KD7VX) will be putting up on the antenna on the tower on Sillusi Butte as soon as the weather is better.

Website Update

Will (N7WSY) reported that the website transfer to the new server is complete. The bill was to be due at the end of February and was cancelled in time not to be billed again. A statistical report of visitors was given. HARC is now on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter usernames for all are AI7HO. A request was made by Bill (KI7PRU) to add a guestbook to the website. This will be added

HAM Classes

As previously discussed, the club is interested in producing HAM classes. Will (N7WSY) is going to get in touch with Kevin (NB7O) when he returns to see if he is interested. Discussion was tabled until next meeting)

New Business

Nominations for Position 2 on the Board of Directors

Position is currently held by Emery Heintz

Will (N7WSY) Nominated Don (AA7DD), it was Seconded by Andy (W7ATJ)

Whitley (KD7VX) Nominated Emery (KE7YX), it was Seconded by Jeff (W7JJK)

Election will be held a the next regular meeting

Financial Discussion

Will (N7WSY) reminded the club that we have an obligation to post certain forms for public view according to IRS regulations and state law. IRS form 990 is one of such forms. Posting on the website would fulfill these obligations

Whitley (KD7VX) reminded the club that our taxes must be filed. Jeff (KJ7MI) stated he knew a good accountant and would inquire if he could handle this year for us.

Whitley (KD7VX) also discussed that in previous years it has been overlooked that the site fee for Sillusi is due around this time and should be paid. The fee is $50 for a year.

The club still owes $337 to Jeff (KJ7MI) for his upfront payment of our Non-Profit fees.

220 Repeater

Bill (KI7PRU) announced that Mike (NK7NKT) had a repeater which is located on Cabbage Hill which is available for use. It is 224.56Mhz with no PL.

Club Membership Cards

Will (N7WSY) brought up that we no longer were issuing membership cards and should again. Will presented the club with a design for a standard membership card which would be printed on card stock and issued to each member yearly. Also presented was an upgrade option which could be purchased by members that would be printed on a PVC card and could be placed on a lanyard, this card would be optional and not required. The PVC card would be valid for 5 years.

MOTION by Bill (KI7PRU):

Move to accept as proposed.

Seconded and passed without dissent.

Prospective New Member

Casey Winters, a guest was present. Casey has recently moved back to the area and is going likely join the club and get his Technician License. Introductions were made.

2019 Club Activities

A group discussion was had about what events the club would hold and take place in this year. Some mentioned were:

A Picnic, Field Day, Parades, A Fox Hunt, An Antenna Build, and an Emergency Preparedness Fair

Public Relations Officer & Repeater/License Trustee

Will (N7WSY) presented the club with a written proposal to create a position for a trustee for the club’s repeaters and FCC License as well as a Public Relations Officer.

Jeff (KJ7MI) referenced that the bylaws had something of that nature, but no one was able to locate anything official. Jeff will see if he can locate the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation which were filed with the non-profit paperwork to see what is says and to get the latest copy distributed to members and the website.

There was no action or discussion on the Public Relations Officer proposal.


Will (N7WSY) requested comment and approval for continued publication of a newsletter.  No dissent was expressed.

Meeting adjourned at 20:38

Minutes submitted by Will Studer (N7WSY)

February 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

Will Studer

Self employed IT Consultant. 25 years in IT and about 6 of that was also spent in public safety.