A forwarder/alias is just an email address that when an email is sent to it, it forwards to another email. You cannot send email from this address. A full email would be like any other, you log in to receive email and you can send it like any other. A mailing list is an email address that is a sendto only. It has a list of email addresses and when you send to the primary address it forwards that message to a whole list of email addresses in the list.
Whatever you would like your new email address to be. (If you are requesting a mailing list, do not fill this out. An address will be provided and instructions sent to you.)
You do not have to fill this out. If you do, we will use whatever you fill in here for your password. This is an open text field and will be seen by us on the other end. If you do not fill this out we will select a random password and send it to you. Either way it is best that you change your password as soon as you get access to your new account.