December 9, 2019 meeting called to order by Jeff Sak at 19:00.

November meeting minutes distributed.  A motion was made to approve the minutes by Whitley and seconded by Don.  Motion approved. 


Introductions:  None


Treasurer’s Report

Jeff Kelso provided a verbal update.  Checking account in good standing, balance $2,684.83.  


Jeff Kelso also provided the annual financial report showing all disbursements and receipts as required by the club by-laws.  The report is available at this link:


Ongoing Business


  1. ARRL liability insurance has been purchased for the club by J. Kelso.  Policy is effective as of 11/20/2019.


12/16/19 Update – Jeff Kelso submitted the Club’s recently-purchased insurance policy to AgriNorthwest via email.  AgriNorthwest responded with an email asking to be named as a co-insured party on the policy as specified in the terms of the lease agreement.  The lease agreement also requires an auto insurance policy that covers any vehicle not owned by the club itself. Jeff contacted the agent (Scott Brelie, and was told that the auto policy would cost the club an additional $100 per year.  Jeff asked for a vote on the matter at the December 16th net and it was unanimously approved by the following members in good standing:


Don Drayton

Emery Heintz

Jeff Kelso

Dennis McKenry

Ian Powell

Whitley Smith


For future reference, all communication with the land owner regarding the Club’s lease should be directed to Jens Rasmussen at Check was mailed on 12/17/19. Updated policy including auto coverage was sent to Jens R. and acknowledged on December 23rd.


  1. The Hermiston School District has completed the donation of three Tektronix oscilloscopes to the club.  Whitley brought two of them into the meeting to set one up and allow members to look at it. Two scopes were taken home by Jeff Sak and the third remains with Whitley. 
  2. Fiberglass coating for the roof of the truck.  Don was to investigate cost and proceed with the work if the total cost was less than $500.  Don hasn’t yet checked with Comries for a price.
  3. Dave Hughes has left Agape House and has been replaced by Cathy Putnam, Interim Executive Director.  Dennis will stop in to talk to the Interim Director on any weekday that isn’t a Tuesday.
  4. Discussion of the purchase of a third repeater for use as backup on Silusi Butte was again tabled until Will’s return.
  5. Whitley gave a report on the trip to Sillusi Butte on November 16th.  Another trip to the repeater is imminent for the purpose of updating the firmware on the repeaters to the latest version and to remove the voice synth add-on board if the firmware update doesn’t fix the annoying nature of the board.
  6. The next testing session is scheduled for January 11th at GS Hospital.  Don to contact hospital to make room reservation. Don will also reach out to the hospital to find a contact with whom to schedule future testing sessions.
  7. Christmas Dinner is scheduled for December 14 at Rae’s Dayz in Umatilla.  Dennis has completed all arrangements with the restaurant.


New Business


  1. Annual PO Box fee of $106 is due by 12/31. The Treasurer/Secretary would like to pay the bill.  Motion made by Emery Heintz. Second by Chuck Barnes. Motion passed.
  2. Jeff Kelso requests reimbursement for the $200 insurance premium for ARRL club insurance, which was paid by him on 11/20/2019. Motion made by Whitley Smith.  Seconded by Ken Berry. Motion passed.
  3. Ian made a motion to accept proposed by-law amendment one.  Seconded by Emery. Motion passed.
  4. Chuck Barnes made a motion to accept proposed by-law amendment three.  Seconded by Don. Motion passed.
  5. Chuck Barnes made a motion to accept proposed by-law amendment  two. Seconded by Ian. Motion passed.
  6. Jeff K. to talk with Will to gain access to the club web site.  Jeff K. to assume role of club webmaster.
  7. Ian proposed that the club set up a sign-up sheet for net control on the Monday night nets.  No motion was made on the topic.


Jeff Sak adjourned the meeting at 20:10.


Respectfully submitted by Jeff Kelso, W7JJK

December 2019 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes
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Jeff Kelso

Technology Director at Hermiston School District