I am sure that everyone is already aware that we are having a barbecue 3/24/19. But in case you aren’t… Sunday we are having a barbecue. It’s free food, and radio fun. Bring your whole family. There is a playground for the kids. We are going to play with digital, packet, maybe even some HF.

THERE IS ALSO GOING TO BE A TEST ON SITE. Anyone wanting to become a HAM or upgrade their test, please come!!!

Please, bring chairs. We have tables, but the parks dept hasn’t put out the picnic tables yet so we are on our own.

I need a headcount by Friday night so I know how much food to buy.

Where: Butte Park, Hermiston

When: Sunday, 3/18/19 @ 2PM

Food: Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Lemonade


Will Studer

Self employed IT Consultant. 25 years in IT and about 6 of that was also spent in public safety.