I hope for this to be the year of our revival. I would like to see us add new members as well as welcome some old members back into the fold. If you are someone interested in Amateur Radio, there is no better way to learn and get your license than joining a club and learning from the members of that club.

For those who have been members before and simply have dropped out for whatever reason there is no better time to come back! Your knowledge and wisdom are needed to usher in the next generation of HAMs. There are fun new things in the works from a fox hunt to a preparedness event. We hope to do an open house recruiting event this year and there is always field day. I also hope to see us start having some guest speakers.

For those who have dropped out due to mobility or are members but are unable to make it to club events or meetings, I offer this, contact me at n7wsy@ai7ho.org anytime. I will be happy to come and pick you up and return you to your home afterword for any meetings or events. I don’t care how far you live (within say 60 to 70 miles). I really want anyone who is willing to be active and participate to do so.

An Invitation to All

Will Studer

Self employed IT Consultant. 25 years in IT and about 6 of that was also spent in public safety.